About Us

WowFX creates prosthetic makeup effects (fx) specializing in the creation of creatures, simulated injuries, prosthetic limbs/body parts, body casting, teeth making, 3D sculpture designs for film and television. We also specialise in private or group makeup workshops and makeup for events- including fashion, bridal make-up for weddings and cross gender makeup for private clients and vibrant make-up for stage shows.

WowFX is a make-up artistry enterprise that prides itself on creativity, imagination and eye for detail. Guided by the innovation and expertise of Danielle Ruth, the company is dedicated to tailor all types of desired makeup for any creative endeavor, whether it be producing an authentic injury, or a character for film, our work is conducted to the highest quality. We utilise basic makeup techniques and applications to complex (face/body) prosthetics that are powerful and convincing, WowFX can cater for small or large budget productions. WowFX will guide a client through the process of creating the desired effect, whether it be event make-up, cross dressing transformations or monster creation, colour, flare and client satisfaction are guaranteed!