Gallery - Cross Dress/Drag

Cross dressing can be a life long dream and we aim to create a relaxed, comfortable and confidential experience for you. Using the best products available, our aim is to create a glamorous and feminine makeup that makes you feel and look amazing. Head artist Danielle will assist in styling and fitting wigs.
Many of her clients are amazed at the transformation and Danielle’s ability to make someone feel comfortable and confident. 

“ There is no greater feeling than knowing you have made someone feel good about themselves and see their confidence rise”

Drag queen makeup is designed for a more "stage" appearance, with blocked brows, larger lashes and bolder applications.
You can trust Danielle to make you stand out from the rest and be remembered for the whole night! 

WowFX has a wonderful photographer available, who can take professional images of you after the makeup transformation.

Photographer Stephen C is warm, friendly and extremely talented. He will position you and bring out your inner goddess through his lens.

We have had an amazing response from clients on delivery of their images. (beginners in CD or experienced Drag are all welcome)

Please contact for prices and enquiries.
We are happy to answer any of your questions.