Gallery - Prosthetics For Film


WowFX is known for their expertise in Prosthetics fabrication and applications. Makeup Director Danielle Ruth has trained and worked in Australia, Los Angeles and the UK. 

Danielle was part of the "Wicked Of Oz" Prosthetics team for U.S Television series "Hunters" which is aired in 2016 and was produced by Gale Anne Hurd (Alien, The Walking Dead, Terminator).

Danielle's work can be seen in Australian on Independant feature film "Plague" where she was head of the Makeup department, “Men in Black 3” where she was an assistant for master monster maker- Jordu Schell. (During this time Danielle travelled overseas to assist  Jordu at his "Schell sculpture studios" and at the annual “Monsterpalooza” convention in Burbank, California.)

Danielle and her WowFX team can design anything from your worst nightmares or your deepest fantasies.

WowFX specializes in mould making, fabrication and application of any creation. Transformed faces, animals, aliens, monsters, orcs, hands, and injuries are our specialty!

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