Workshops - WowFX Bootcamp- Silicone Injury

Learn how to fabricate and apply your own encapsulated silicone Injuries in this 3 day Intensive Bootcamp
Materials are all inclusive of cost.
Head Trainer/Company Director- Danielle Ruth will facilitate the entire bootcamp personally, including interactive demonstrations.
Learn in our small group to gain more one on one tutoring.

You will learn:

Sculpting techniques
Molding in Pinkysil silicone
Fabricating encapsulated pieces in silicone
Application of silicone
Industry Knowledge
OHS Standards
Tools and techniques

You will also have a Stephen Cunnington who is our prosfessional photographer in the studio- learn about lighting and how this effects your work.
Certificates of Completion are received after the Bootcamp 

To secure your spot, enquire within for prices and upcoming dates