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WowFX is owned and managed by leading artist, Danielle Ruth (Pictured above)

WowFX is an Australian based company specialising in all areas of Makeup with a focus on SFX and Prosthetics, offering the finest quality designs and creations.

Widely known for it's transformational makeup services and working closely with people going through gender transitions, WowFX caters for all ages, races and genders, welcoming people from all walks of life.
WOWFX Director- Danielle , has 17 years experience in the Film, TV and SFX industry in Australia and Internationally.  

With her love of art and film, she began her career in the fashion runways of Australia, traveling with large fashion icons and labels, then moved to widen her horizons with further study in the USA and UK in the field of prosthetics and SFX training under the direction of prosthetic makeup guru- Neil Gorton, whose credits include Dr Who and The Wolfman.  

Danielle has worked in Los Angeles at the Schell sculpture studios under master monster maker Jordu Schell, whose credits include Avatar, Men in Black and The Chronicles of Narnia. Danielle's most recent credits include Prosthetics for TV series Preacher, season 4.
Feature film- Relic which aired on STAN worldwide and involved prosthetics makeup applications.

Danielle completed the role as Head of Department for TonesandI's Music clip Wont Sleep. Overseeing a team of 37 artists and 90 performers in full prosthetic makeup creations, body art and special makeup effects -SPFX in a very small time turnaround. Danielle has transformed Tones for her other major performances and enjoys the creativity behind all the music clips she is involved in.

Danielle worked in India for Apples TV series Shantaram,  featuring actors Charlie Hunnam, Richard Roxburgh and Radhika Apte.
She has worked as HOD on various Australian Feature films, created makeups for Aria winning artists, music videos, television commercials, television stations as well as countless celebrities and well known people.

Danielle offers Face and Body Casting  services to create memory pieces for individuals who are about to go through Mastectomies and large operations. Creating keepsakes for such personal experiences is a passion for Danielle.

Danielle has 12 years experience as an accredited trainer in prestigious Australian colleges. Teaching allows Danielle to share her passion for creature making and transformational makeup with her students. It gives her great satisfaction to watch people pursue their dreams. , she has run bootcamps in Malaysia, Newcastle and Australia wide and with this wealth of knowledge her company and team of artists can cater for any production and budget size.

We invite you to take a look through our portfolios and contact us to discuss your particular needs.

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