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Face Casting

Body and Face-Casting is a step used in the prosthetics fabrication process.
It is also a great gift to keep of someone you love, Face casts can be therapeutic. As long as there is trust between the artist and model, the process is not the least bit scary or uncomfortable and can even be enjoyable. Plaster cast faces are perfect for indoor display or a gift for a loved one to capture the chubby cheeks of youth, a face before surgery, wrinkles of a life lived well and so on....

Wowfx artists can create a highly detailed impression for a keepsake piece.


-Headcasting (involves a bald-cap application)

-Handcasting for babies and young children

-Footcasting for babies and young children

-Breast casts for women going through mastectomy procedures (see our folio page)

-Family casts

Our pieces are cast in either alginate or silicone and produced with a strong Stone that will pick up on every fine detail of YOU, this includes hairs, pores, scars and moles etc