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Breast and Bum Casting

Some women choose to have breast casts made to keep their pre-mastectomy figure in art.

For some women, it can be something to keep and put away for safekeeping.
For others, they would simply like as a reference for any future reconstructive surgery.
And for a few women, it can be a defiant gesture of positivity in the face of the negativity and fear surrounding cancer to create something new, bold and beautiful for their homes.

All castings as done by Danielle Ruth and a safe, comfortable and friendly environment.
You are welcome to bring along a support person as we understand it can be an emotional day.

We offer lots of size options and are happy to discuss your questions or concerns.

All casts are filled with a strong cement stone which captures all the tiny details on your body, from pores, poles and nipple indentation. It is an exact replica of YOU.

We offer the below services: