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Tones and I "Your'e So Fu#@ing Cool"

Danielle Ruth from WowFX created 7 characters for "Your'e so Fu@#ing Cool"
This was a 3 day shoot in Melbourne.
The makeup transformations included hand laced wigs,mustaches and beards.
Silicone prosthetics included the application of old age eye bags, nasal labial folds, cheekbones, lips and eyebrow blocks.

Makeup Artist & SFX - Danielle Ruth (Wow FX)
Directors -  Nick Kozakis, Liam Kelly & Tones And I
Characters  - Tones And I
Old Tones - Abbie Thorpe
Executive Producer - Timothy Whiting
Producer  - Fabiana Weiner
Cinematographer - Carl Allison
Production Designer - Callum Preston
Stylist & Photographer - Giulia McGauran
Art Department Assistants - Mo Wyse, Ed Fraser, and Rosa Mercedes