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TonesandI "Wont Sleep" Featured Makeups

TonesandI "Wont Sleep" Music Clip- 2021

Head of Department and Key FX Artist-Danielle Ruth

We had an army of 37 Melbourne makeup artists working their brushes on 90 talent.
We had dancers made up in special-fx, bodypaint, facepaint, prosthetics, wigs, facial hair and dirts.

This was a massive production with a very tight turnaround with 2 weeks to produce everything and create the dream team!


2IC- Simone Clarke

Bodypainter: Andra Cadabra

Prosthetics Sculpting and Application:Larry Van Duynhoven
Prosthetics Application: Danielle Ruth, Julian Dimase, Rachel Coenen, Brydie Stone, Tania Deross

SFX Makeup Artist /Hair: Sue Frey SFX
Makeup Artist / Wigs: Alice Wilkinson

SFX Makeup & Hair/ Makeup for Kids: Mirijana Laferlita

Makeup Artists: Nicole Medcalf, Stephanie Sin, Lara Haas, Justin Teag, Leonie Rendell, Julie Taylor, Oakley Downie, Emeline Smith, Holly Marshall, Pauline Clauzon, Armanda Dickson, Bec Smith, Tori Mcleod, Harriett O'Donnell, Megan Bowyer.

Face Painters: Gina Nomachi, Rachel Boler, Lexy Leigh, Shona Scott

SFX Makeup artists: Deb Davis, Yasmin Saad, Kate Ryan, Lou Mclaren

Assistant to Danielle Ruth: Susan Hughes
Makeup Assistant: Taj Fouladkar, Molly Lee Edwards    

Makeup for Kids: Samantha Pearce

Damian Browne - Photography for WowFX